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Verplast Group derives from the original Verplast Srl, born in 1978 as paints and enamels producer, it is specialized in automotive industry, construction, flooring and detergency specific products. Since 1985 begins the production of vacuum metallization paints and polyurethane adhesives.

From early 90’s, working closely with market leaders, Verplast begun to formulate specifics painting products for various thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, especially used in automotive industry for internal and external of the vehicle.

That’s how were born high level “mono layer” and “multi layer” solutions for automotive industry, making available complete solutions Primer / Base Coat / Clear Coat / Top Coat / Direct To Plastic. 


Verplast products can be used even in motorcycle industry, helmets, domestic appliances, pens and cosmetics. Finishing, there are silicone paints for rubber profiles, polyurethane adhesives, one- and two-component primers and finishes with a water or solvent base for the surface treatment of metal and alloy products.

With Montaldi Srl, that absorbed part of Euraflex activities, Verplast Group increases its presence in PVC plastisol industry, entering as one of the main world supplier and engaging in various sectors; from automotive to technologic coating, from food packaging to early age toys up to medical field.